I am a 5th Year student (and computer science teacher) at Bandon Grammar School. Planning to study Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and possibly Neuroscience in university. I've won six awards at BTYSE (four for research in AI) including the Stripe special award.

BTYSE 2020 - Vendor Independent Age Verification

Improvements in AI based human face-age estimation to combat under age access to restricted online content.
December 26, 2019

This paper proposes two models for facial age estimation. One model is for the full age range and the second model is specifically focused on ages 15-20. By applying these models to a user base, one would be capable of sorting by the user’s predicted age and save an incredible amount of manual labor.

Due to the fact that a CNN is employed, it is possible to ensure user anonymity by splitting the network after the first layer. The first layer is run on the client, converting it into an unrecognizable subset of the face’s feature-space and the independent (VIAV) server runs the rest of the network with these features as input; the image itself is never sent to the external server and anonymity is assured.

BTYSE 2019 - A Pint of the Black Stuff

Ultrasound assisted hydrothermal liquefaction of micro-algae to produce renewable jet fuel.
December 28, 2018

Anthropogenic intervention in the carbon cycle, energy demand due to population growth and aspiration, fossil fuel depletion and the desire for regional energy security have ‘fueled’ extensive research into alternative energy sources such as biomass processing. In this project wet biomass (Nannochloropsis Oculata) was processed into oil using a novel ultrasound agitated Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) reactor, capable of operation at up to 500C and 500bar, designed and built for the project. Multiple runs were conducted varying temperature, pressure, ultrasound level and holding time.

BTYSE 2018 - Alzbuddy

Using facial recognition and AI as assistive technology for early stage dementia patients.
December 24, 2017

Using state-of-the-art real-time face detection and recognition paired with a database, text to speech in over 25 languages, and a user-friendly website; this project seeks to assist patients suffering from dementia in remembering the names and relationships of the people around them with non-invasive audio feedback in the language of their choice from a wearable device.

"Ese es Greg, él es tu amigo." - Alzbuddy 2017

BTYSE 2017 - A novel approach to growing Nannochloropsis in a controlled environment and its subsequent ability to produce oil.

An apparatus for large scale temperature controlled production of algae in inhospitable environments
December 28, 2016

The present invention relates to the production of algae for biofuels, chemical feedstocks, animal feeds and human food stocks. In particular it relates to a bioreactor that includes flexible inner and outer tubes where one tube contains cooling or heating liquid and the other contains a growth medium such that they are physically separate but thermally linked.